Chinese American Citizens Alliance Los Angeles Lodge Youth Council

Hello, and welcome to the website of the CACAYC, a council that has and will continue to service members of the youth in our communities, educate the youth on issues affecting them today, and promote and support efforts by the Asian community.



March 14, 2010

Members in attendance: Joshua, Tina, Tiffany

The meeting was held at MBCSFV at 2:40.

We started off discussing the T-shirts, as it was decided that the official CACAYC logo should be included on the final design.  Winston also brought up a Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship, which gives a number of scholarships to kids who were able to better a community.

Tina wants to create our own brochures for recruitment.

There are a number of fundraisers that we can do next, considering the three earthquakes that have occurred recently (Sichuan, Haiti, and Chile).  We should only do one, with the 2nd year anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake being the easiest.

We might want to help assemble care packages for the military in the first half of April.  We recommended Tiffany as project lead.

We also are planning a group visit of the Chinese American History Museum around May 22nd.  More information fan be found about it at

The meeting ended at 3:30.

October 11, 2009

Members in attendance: Joshua, Tina, Melody, Tiffany

The meeting was held at MBCSFV, starting at 2:10.

We started off discussing Tiffany's bake sale.  She wants to possibly join up with one of her school clubs in the sale to raise money for the typhoon in Taiwan.

Tina wants to plan college visits, listing off schools such as UCLA, USC, UCSD, the Claremont colleges, among others.  Winston said that we should attempt to coordinate our visits with those planned by other chapters.

We are also focusing on getting our t-shirts, but the cost is unavailable at this time.

Winston mentioned community service in Monterey Park, where we would look for graffiti so that city workers could paint over them eventually.  He also mentioned for financial aid and money-saving tips.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50.

July 19, 2009

Members in attendance: Joshua, Tina, Tiffany

The meeting was held at MBCSFV, starting at 1:50.

We started off discussing fundraising, to raise money for future use.  Tina believed it would be helpful if our organization had money to use with more versatility.

Tina also proposed starting a newsletter, something that we should start designing soon.  Both Tiffany and I agreed that a newsletter would be the better choice over a newspaper or magazine because it would require less work.

T-shirts  would be a good idea for future events.  We came up with several designs that are likely doomed to fail, so additional input would be helpful.

Lori wants to lead a perforce at an elderly home on July 25th or 26th, though she was not available for further clarification.

A reminder, on August 6th through 9th, Expanding Horizons will be held at Pacific Palms.  For those that still want to go, please contact Tina at

April 5th, 2009

Members in attendance: Joshua, Howard, Ryan, Lori, Tina, Careese

The meeting was held at MBCSFV, starting at 2:00 PM

We started off talking about Joseph’s idea of picking up trash at the beach.  We could possibly join up with Heal the Bay, an organization that focuses on cleaning up SoCal coastal waters.  Of course, Joseph was not here.  Their website is at

Lori proposed helping disabled children at a place called Ability First in Woodland Hills.  Their website is at

Tina brought up the memorial for the Sichuan earthquake.  She said that it would probably be a dinner at MBCSFV, and we could invite the church choir and CSUN’s Chinese youth group.  It will probably happen in May some time after AP tests.

The adult CACA group will have an anniversary dinner on May 2nd at probably 4:00 PM.  We can be there to ask for donations for our group.  The donations will be tax deductible and donators will receive public acknowledgement.  We also need to make the desserts for the dinner.

The Youth Conference will be at Pacific Palms on August 6-9.  Attendees should go through resume writing, leadership, debating, negotiating, and bonding.  We proposed several ideas for icebreakers and activities. 

We could have recitals at the Chinese Senior Home in Chinatown and Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  Working with the Union Rescue Mission was also proposed.

Careese also asked us to bring old clothes for her church which is working with World Impact, Inc.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50.

February 1st, 2009

Members in attendance: Joshua, Joseph, Ryan, Lori, Careese, and Melody

The meeting was held at MBCSFV, starting at around 2:30

Winston showed up early, and showed us the cards that he had been selling in an attempt to raise money.  They are drawn by students and printed for free, so it is fairly easy to make a profit off of them.

Lori wants to lead the next trip to the Jewish home (whenever that is going to be).

The TV showing will probably be later in March or April, as most shows are not open to it during the winter.

Careese proposed a restaurant night, though where, when, and for what cause has yet to be decided.

We currently need money for the leadership conference.  One chapter will organize the whole thing, while the others chip in.  A dance was proposed, and Tina was suggested to lead (but of course, she wasn’t at the meeting).  We could rent two types of places: hotels or halls.  A hotel would be more expensive to rent, while a hall would be cheaper.  However, we would also need to hire security for a hall, something that hotels already have.  It could possibly happen at spring break, but there is no guarantee that we will make a profit from it.

Winston also proposed selling textbooks for college kids as a method of raising money.  We would have to buy them at a library or receive donations from graduating college students.  The idea is that we would be able to buy them relatively cheaply, or for free, and sell them online.

Winston mentioned helping out at a bilingual nursing home, where people might have language barriers to overcome.  We would be giving out brochures to provide information.

We can help out in the scholarship opportunities book by providing entries for whatever interesting scholarships that we can find.

December 7, 2008

Members in attendance: Lori, Shan Shan, Ryan, Joseph, Tina, Melody, Careese, Joshua

The meeting was held at MBCSFV, starting at 2:20.

Tina opened up discussing the Yasmin Adult Care Center.  It is a care center that contains mainly Iranian and Chinese people, and we would perform for them on January 1st.  We have been allotted one hour while the people are eating, similar to the Jewish home.  Tina, Jeannie, Lori, Melody, and Shan Shan have confirmed that they will perform.  Joseph and Howard might perform as well.

The Principles of the Chinese haven’t contacted, or denied permission to talk in class.  We can still pass pamphlets out during break at 11:30.  Those that are going will meet next Saturday in Granada High School at 11:00

As for Joseph’s toy drive, Toys R Us and MegaToys will be donating money to buy toys for the San Fernando Rescue Mission.  The Mission can only take up to six volunteers on the 20th or December.

Winston discussed the National Youth Conference in Los Angeles, which will either be held at the end of June or August, depending on whether or not we want to have it with the adults at Pacific Palms.

November 16, 2008

Members in attendance: Ryan, Jeremy, Joseph, Kevin, Careese, Tina, and Tiffany

This meeting was held at MBCSFV, starting at 2:00.

We opened up discussing the Union Rescue Mission.  We will ask people to drop off toys at certain Chinese schools which will be collected at December 14th (if possible).  They will be delivered to the Union Rescue Mission on December 20th, where we will help out from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Tina, Howard, Jeannie, Lori, Careese, and Melody will play at the Jewish home on November 23rd.

Jeremy, Joseph, Tina, and Melody will be visiting Chinese Schools, specifically the ones at Granada High School, Andersol Elementary, and possibly Sun-Yatsen Church.  It will be next Saturday, 11/22/08 and they will meet at Granada at 8:30.  They will each go into individual classes to recruit more members to the CACAYC.

A reminder of Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to U.S. troops, was given.  For more information about it, go to

We need to make more money, so Howard proposed selling candy at schools, though he didn’t bother showing up to explain his idea.  There was another proposal that we ask for a certain percentage of sales from restaurants, but Winston then recommended attending a TV showing, as many will pay people to attend.

Winston mentioned West San Gabriel Valley’s “Separate Lives, Broken Dreams” which will be held at 318 South Ramona Avenue in Monterey Park, CA 91754.

Winston also brought up the Youth Convention, which should be held in Pacific Palms this year.

Tina proposed another Earthquake Relief Concert

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00.

October 5, 2008

We met at Mandarin Baptist Church, the meeting starting at 2:15.

Members in attendance: Ryan, Joseph, Melody, Lori, Tina, Careese, Jeremy, and Joshua

Winston showed up as well.

We opened up discussing the pediatric ward, where Joseph proposed that we should attempt to procure toys to donate to the ward.  He also mentioned donating toys to a homeless shelter for children.

Kevin and Tina plan on sending the petition with the signatures regarding the budget cuts.

Careese and Lori want to go to the Jewish home on November 23rd at 2:00.  Melody, Lori, Tina, Sam, and Careese will play (Possibly Howard if he decided to actually show up to a meeting).

Howard wanted to put his concert at Colburn School of Music in December, instead