About Us

The youth council is supported by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Los Angeles Lodge. The Chinese American Citizens Alliance is a social, cultural, and leadership organization formed in 1895 by a small group of young, native born, American-educated Chinese American citizens in San Francisco to combat anti-Chinese sentiment during that time and to better their communities. In 1912, the organization expanded nationwide.

Its mission is to seek equal economic and political empowerment for Chinese Americans, to improve the community’s general welfare, to practice fully American patriotism and citizenship, and to promote friendship among its members and all people.

Today, the organization has spearheaded efforts against unfair immigration laws, against hate crimes, for naturalization and citizenship, for voter education and registration, for accurate census counts, for fair reapportionment, and for equal educational and economic opportunities.

It has also encouraged and promoted educational and leadership activities for the youth such as the A.S.I.A. National Leadership Conferences, scholarships, and a national essay contest.



The Chinese American Citizens Alliance LA Lodge Youth Council (YC) was formed in August 2001 and is a subsidiary of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance. It was created in response to the growing number of students seeking college entry counseling. Membership currently consists of high school students, college students, and recent college graduates residing in the West San Gabriel Valley.

"By participating in Youth Council's programs, I am able to learn skills that I don't normally acquire from school. Youth Council provides me opportunities to organize community service projects that I can take a leadership role and be active in my community."

-Ruby Liu, UCSD student, 2002 Gates Millennium Scholarship recipient


Purposes and Goals

To provide effective college admissions preparation and assistance to the youth community.

To encourage the spirit of community service and work on projects benefiting the community.

To provide students with leadership training and a chance to take on roles as leaders.

To promote interest in learning Asian American history.


“Our council has and will continue to service members of the youth in our communities, educate the youth on issues affecting them today, and promote and support efforts by the Asian/Pacific Islander American community.”

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